Punch To Face

Punch To Face

Removing boundaries between reality and imagination

With our one-of-a-kind technology we are able to integrate with minimal effort any 2D or 3D animations into real fight videos, creating a new niche in advertising and entertainment industries.

designed by Freepik

PTF in action

This demo video was made using Artificial Neural Networks and recordings kindly provided by Fight Nights Global.
In this video we demonstrate our current techniques as well as some kicks we are working to roll out in the near future.

What we can do in the nearest future:

Research stage:

Simple gamification

Many of MMA fans also enjoy playing fight games and would appreciate some of the game features appear on live airings and replays of MMA fights. We can use the information on position of fighters in the video frame to add things like animation of fighter`s name or adding rotating circles around fighter`s legs. We can also add health bars or any other game-like 2D or 3D animations

Virtual advertising

We are able to replace any advertisements on canvas, walls or any other place in the cage. The technology enables new options for targeted advertisement, including differentiation based on geography, age or other viewer characteristics.

Animated 2D virtual ads

Ads on canvas and cage posts are static, however, our replacement technology can change animated 2D advertisements on planes during the fight. Such ads can entertain viewers and attract new ones. All we need is a video of an ad and we would overlay it on canvas or cage post’s planes.

Animated 3D virtual ads

Thanks to our algorithms we can find out everything about the video camera based on the movement of logos on canvas and cage walls. Considering this information, we can put any 3D objects anywhere inside the cage. More important, it will not look artificial. Thus, more advertisements can be put inside the fight scene bringing even more advertising revenue.

3D infographics

Other than for advertisements, our 3D technology can also be used to present some fight-related facts in a more exciting way. 3D donut bar chart rising from the edge of the canvas or heat maps of punch placements on the rotating 3D model of the human body - these options are limited only by the imagination of the designer.

Visual effects

Our technology allows us to put any 2D or 3D animation anywhere on the scene and our abilities are not limited only by advertisements or infographics. MMA fight is, first of all, a show, and our technology can make this show more thrilling, exciting and engaging. Sparks flying from fighters gloves, thunders inside the cage or flames coming from fighters bodies - everything is possible with us.

Fight analytics

We are currently doing research on pose tracking, and once the research is completed, we will be able to collect very useful data on fighter movements. This data can be used to measure the speed of kicks and punches, or even to detect mistakes in fighter techniques. Pose tracking will definitely improve the training process of MMA fighters, it will also provide more interesting information to entertain loyal followers of the sport.

Advanced gamification

Information on fighter poses would also expand our possibilities on the gamification front. Knowledge of positions of fighter’s joints will allow us to precisely classify different moves and to add appropriate visual effects. We can also use this information to be sure that our animations precisely follow the movements of fighters, opening up even more options for a designer’s imagination.

3D reconstruction

The Holy Grail of the Punch-To-Face project is a full 3D reconstruction of MMA fights in Virtual Reality. We work on recreating 3D models of fighters and giving them the ability to copy real fighters moves precisely. When we achieve this goal, there will be an opportunity to watch the fight from any perspective, even from the referee’s viewpoint or fighters themselves. It will take fight replays to a whole new level.

What we can do in the nearest future:

  • Animated 2D virtual ads

  • Simple gamification

  • Virtual advertising

  • Visual effects

  • 3D infographics

  • Animated 3D virtual ads

Research stage:

  • 3D reconstruction

  • Advanced gamification

  • Fight analytics